By Kurt Le

For My Dear Daughter

Time is a funny thing. It seems like only yesterday that I decided to return to Vietnam and chase my artisan dream, but in fact it's been nearly 5 years. During that time, I got married, welcomed my firstborn, and went through some of the toughest challenges of my entire life, as a person and also as GSK's leader. 

Never once have I rethought that decision, because despite all the uncertainties, I always knew it was the best thing I could do for my little family, and it has led to many wonderful friendships along the line. But today, in particular, it's all about my baby daughter, who has changed my life in more ways than I could ever imagine. 

Bull (her pet name) turns 4 today. She's a little spark of joy that never fails to cheer up her mom and dad, and a true beacon of light, always giving us so much hope and encouragement. Not being very good with words myself, I'm celebrating Bull's birthday the best way I know: an artisan keycap design dedicated just for her. Her signature bangs and bow, because she's the girliest of girls; and a pacifier, because she'll always be my little baby. 

This Unicorn variant is called Thi Bull (Thi being the most popular female-designated middle name in our country, not her real name though). It will feature in our raffles from time to time, and I sincerely hope you guys will like this bit of personal touch.