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GSK is a team of artisan keycap makers based in Vietnam. Click to learn how we came to be, and why we are so passionate about what we do.



  • The Chainsaw Band

    The Chainsaw Band

    By Kurt Le

    I have to admit, I wasn't closely following the Chainsaw Man franchise until the idea of making special artisan sculpts inspired by it was pitched to me. There is simply too much good stuff out there to watch, with too little time,...

  • GSK x Hungerwork Collaboration

    GSK x Hungerwork Collaboration

    By Kurt Le

    I have been in the artisan keycap landscape for so long, and certainly long enough to understand the most gratifying part of all this is being able to actively engage in and make meaningful contributions to this unique community. People used to tell...

  • The Big 910 Update

    The Big 910 Update

    By The Lone Penman

    After months of work, we're finally close to the finish line. For those who are still unfamiliar with the project, more than a year ago we initiated the idea of making a GSK-custom version of the TGR 910, designed by...

  • It's Topre Tuesday!

    It's Topre Tuesday!

    By The Lone Penman

    Ahhh, the pinnacle of rubber dome goodness that is Topre. In this day and age when MX-style mechanical switches are by far the dominant force regarding popularity, Topre still represents a remarkable niche amongst a respectable number of users. I...

  • El Mundo De Los Muertos

    El Mundo De Los Muertos

    By The Lone Penman

    Mictlán is one our absolute favorite keyset colorways ever, and it has given us a wealth of ideas for our various artisan keycap lineups over the past months. The concept of highlighting a local tradition on a global platform aligns...

  • One Piece Special

    One Piece Special

    By Kurt Le

    What more can we say about One Piece, apart from it being one of the best mangas in the history of mankind? The idea of making One Piece - inspired caps has been brewing for such a long time, maybe...