By The Lone Penman

El Mundo De Los Muertos

Mictlán is one our absolute favorite keyset colorways ever, and it has given us a wealth of ideas for our various artisan keycap lineups over the past months. The concept of highlighting a local tradition on a global platform aligns perfectly with our values, and as we immersed ourselves in the Aztec underworld readings, we were inspired to go beyond mere exploration and embrace the opportunity to reimagine the characters within Mictlan. 

We’ve been working closely with V , designer of GMK Mictlán and are proud to introduce three brand new sculpts inspired by the prominent figures of Mictlan. We call them Rey (King), Reina (Queen) and Guerrera (Female Warrior), who represent our new lineup named Inframundo


Rey - inspired by Mictlantecuhtli, King of Mictlan. As the name suggests (roughly translates to "Lord of the underworld"), he is the prominent guardian and ruler of this realm of the dead. All souls would face him eventually in the afterlife, as he oversees their journey down the nine layers of Mictlan and determines their placement in the underworld. 


Reina - inspired by Mictecacihuatl, queen of the underworld. Alongside her husband, Mictlantecuhtli, she rules Mictlan and ensures protection for the dead so they can reach their designated destinations. She is believed to be the guardians of the bones of the deceased, which would later be used to create new races of mortals. It can be said, then, she plays equally important parts in both death and rebirth. 


Guerrera - inspired by Cihuacoatl, a prominent deity associated with the world of Mictlan. She's a complex figure in the Aztec culture, known as the goddess of fertility, and also a female warrior in the realm of warfare. She's believed to be the commander of Cihuhuateteo, the Mictlan spirits of women who died in childbirth, and whose souls are honored by the Aztecs as fallen warriors. 


The research and development phases behind these special sculpts have been nothing short of a remarkable experience for our team. Inspired by the themes of personal journey, self-renewal, and rejuvenation, we have poured our hearts into creating designs that embody these powerful concepts. We sincerely hope that you can immerse yourself in the essence of our work and personally experience the exciting journey that awaits.