By Kurt Le

One Piece Special

What more can we say about One Piece, apart from it being one of the best mangas in the history of mankind? The idea of making One Piece - inspired caps has been brewing for such a long time, maybe even back when I started GSK in 2015, but being such a huge fan of the series, I felt the obligation to take it slow and wait for the right moment to do it justice. 

The main thing is that I never intended to create exact copies of the characters in the form of keycaps. It goes against my personal style, and it also does not pay the proper tribute to the One Piece that we all hold so dear. As GSK grew over the years, our team of talented individuals also grew, and along with it, our artisan lineups. More than a year ago, after Sokratis was introduced, we felt it was finally the ideal timing to start focusing on this challenging project. 

Our objective was to utilize GSK's existing sculpts, which bear resemblance to the characters of One Piece, and blend them in a manner that would instantly distinguish them as such. The premise was simple. The work, on the other hand, was not. But we did it, and here they are, in all their glory.  

Velites as Portgas D. Ace: Blending the traits of these lone wolves makes a lot of sense. The vibrant orange and black hues of Ace's outfit are vividly recreated, with a slight confident smirk on his lips. His signature hat sits atop, completing the look.

Wooloo as Boa Hancock: The sculpt's expression is calm and composed, with a hint of confidence and charisma, just like the beloved character herself. With every curve and detail intricately sculpted, we hope to capture the essence of Boa Hancock's charm and beauty.

Sokratis as Phoenix: Sharp beak, piercing eyes and fiery wings. The wise Sokratis will now be seen in a mythical light.

Bara as Whitebeard: Seasoned, powerful, authoritative and legendary. Arguably the best match of all! 

And there you have it. Creating these sculpts took so much time and effort; it was arduous at times, but there was never a dull moment. We learned so much from this experience: new techniques, and new possibilities that we didn't think were reachable. We hope you guys will enjoy these as much as we do.