By Kurt Le

Building a stronger community

We consider ourselves very fortunate people, who have been able to find our passion, and find others sharing that passion to form the close-knit team of GSK. That is why we cherish the privilege of having a strong support circle, consisting of folks who are always there to have our back. Knowing that there are still many out there in need of that opportunity, GSK always strive to engage in practices and activities focusing on giving back to the community. 

And when it comes to community empowerment, Blue Dragon is one of the very first names that come to mind. Founded back in 2003, Blue Dragon Children's Foundation has been at the forefront of fighting human trafficking in Vietnam, as well as providing children and families in crisis with opportunities for sustainable development and empowerment. We had been admirers from afar, and after having organized a string of charity events (COVID support and Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund to name a few), it was great to finally have the opportunity to work with Blue Dragon. 

Everything was simple and straight to the point. A colorway design contest was held with the support from VAC (Vietnam Artisan Community), leading up to a raffle sale whose entire proceed, along with generous donations from community members, were donated to Blue Dragon. We knew the money was in good hands, and were extremely happy to have received so much appreciation from them. This is a beautiful way to start a strong and long-term friendship, and you can surely  expect a lot more collaboration between us in the future.