By The Lone Penman

Nawa - The Embodiment of Hope

Please come and meet Nawa, GSK’s latest family member, and the embodiment of our firm outlook towards the world.

Just a few days ago, we celebrated the three-year anniversary of our first ever resin sculpt. That was also when we realized how much of those three years has been spent dealing with adversity and uncertainty; and yet, here we are, stronger than ever, with plenty of room to grow. A lot can be credited for this moderate achievement, but at the core of things, hope is what’s always there to keep us going.

Yes, HOPE. It is so simple, so fundamental, and yet so empowering. It gets us through our darkest nights, and is always present on our brightest days. It is what’s encapsulated in Nawa, and with this latest offering, we aspire to send hope to every corner of the world.

The name Nawa is, of course, a simple reduction of the Narwhal, often dubbed the unicorn of the sea. It perfectly symbolizes empathy, freedom, and hope. We chose this particular day, the Harvey Milk Day, to announce this sculpt as a celebration of his legacy. Whenever fronted by adversity and hardship, we must always find our own voice, and remember, “Hope will never be silent”.