By Kurt Le

Pre-Raffle 910 Update

We're finally there! It has taken us a lot more time than expected to get everything ready for the release since our last update from July, but the wait is worth it. 

The holdup was mainly associated with our decision to make every single board a distinct one! During the design phase, we came up with the idea of placing an badge internally as a unique identifier and authenticator. Several options for badge material were considered, with PC and Copper being heavily favored for mass-manufacturing. In the end, however, our artisan team were committed to hand-making resin badges, each of which with a distinctive pattern, because that's who we are. 

You know, everything hand-made takes time (a lot of it!), and the application process was pretty painstaking because one simple error could ruin the whole board. While there's a piece of resin art embedded in each unit, we wouldn't put these keyboards in the artisan category; that's a bit of a stretch; but more than anything, they are labor of love which we hope can be appreciated by their owners. 

Here's everything you need to know to consider joining the raffle this weekend:

  • Time: Tuesday. 23 January 2024. 7:00 PM GST. Raffle form opens for 24 hours. 
  • Place: the raffle form will be posted on GSK, TGR and Mechlovin' Discord servers. 
  • Invoice and payment: Invoices will be sent from both TGR and GSK. GSK invoices will be sent to raffle winners based in US and Canada (for credit card payment) and Vietnam (for local bank transfer). TGR invoices will be sent via Paypal to winners based in other countries, with an option of direct bank transfer for Malaysia and Singapore. 

Everything is in stock and ready to fulfill once invoice is paid. The raffle is for a standard keyboard kit (with lots of accompanying accessories!), with options to purchase extra PCBs, switchplates and logo badge. Standard kit info: 

  • Available quantity: around 60 kits per color

  • Pricing: from $680 plus shipping
  • Anodization color: Silver/ Burgundy/ Rose Gold

  • Switchplate: Silver/ Red anodized aluminum

  • PCB: Mechlovin’ custom PCB (solderable or hotswap)

  • Toblerone piece: sandblasted stainless steel

  • Backplate: Silver anodized aluminum

  • Weight and logo badge: Brass (for Silver case) or Copper (for Burgundy and Rose Gold)

  • Carrying case

  • Custom keyboard pouch

  • Handmade one-off resin badge (with unique design pattern, authentication code and serial number)

  • Suction cup (for backplate removal)

  • 3M feet

 See you then, and good luck with the raffle!