By Kurt Le

The Chainsaw Band

I have to admit, I wasn't closely following the Chainsaw Man franchise until the idea of making special artisan sculpts inspired by it was pitched to me. There is simply too much good stuff out there to watch, with too little time, especially when you're  managing an ever-growing brand and supporting a family. But hey, that's what having a team is for, right? We share ideas, and make actionable items out of them. 

Manga lovers can all agree Chainsaw Man is a fantastic series, in terms of both storytelling and aesthetic flair. As makers of artisanal keycaps, we are especially impressed with the variety of characters, each of whom has a distinctive look and a highly distinguishable artistic style to go along with it. I know every manga is supposed to strive for that, but this one, similar to something like One Piece, is pretty much next-level on that front, and that is creativity heaven for people like us. 

GSK is now at a point where we feel we have an artisan lineup healthy enough to comfortably play pick and choose for this type of special inspiration project. We love all of our creations just the way they were intended to be, but that love is also strong enough for us to enjoy them in a new light. For this Chainsaw Man Special, that light is wild, crazy, bloody and messy, and you're gonna love it.