By The Lone Penman

Sokratis - The Story Teller

Unlike most of our other works, which are the results of careful planning and revision, Sokratis is a capture of moments. 

We were having a team party when for some reason, the topic about our roles in the community was in the midst of our conversation . Maker. Designer. Illustrator. Many things came up, and understandably so as each of us operates within our own circle of expertise. In the end, we all settled at the notion that we’re merely here to tell stories, ones that resonate across the things we strive to achieve each and every day. What we didn’t know is that these light-hearted banters sparked some flame inside the good ol’ brain of our main sculptor, who presented the master sculpt of Sokratis the very next day (he does do that occasionally and we can’t complain). Sometimes, things feel so right you just don’t feel the need to make any changes. This is one of them. 

For such an unusual origin story, you might see Sokratis as an oddball, an outlier, and we wouldn’t even start to object to that line of thinking. To a certain extent, it feels personal to us, at least a bit more than any of our previous sculpts; so we hope that every time you look through the glasses of Sokratis, you can see GSK as a team and the things that we stand for, or at least, the side of storytellers that live within all of us.