By The Lone Penman

The Big 910 Update

After months of work, we're finally close to the finish line. For those who are still unfamiliar with the project, more than a year ago we initiated the idea of making a GSK-custom version of the TGR 910, designed by the legendary Yuktsi (of course), and in collaboration with our friends at Mechlovin' Studio. And so, what's the progress? 

Let's dial back to November 2022, when we first got our hands on the prototype units. We had 6 boards made in total, in different colors and material configurations. To be specific: 

  • Anodization colors: Silver; Dark Green; Navy; Burgundy; Rose Gold; Dark Gray
  • Switch plates: Anodized Aluminum; Copper; FR4
  • GSK logo badges: Copper; Polished Stainless Steel; Clear-coated Brass; Polycarbonate
  • Back plates: Anodized Aluminum; Brushed Aluminum
  • Toblerone: Sandblasted Stainless Steel; Brushed Stainless Steel; Polished Stainless Steel 
  • Weight: Clear-coated Brass; Clear-coated Copper

Lots of configurations means we had lots of color, material and surface finish combinations to contemplate, and here are what we found: 

  • Silver and Brass is a must have. All of us (GSK; TGR and Mechlovin') have been in the scene for so long, we always have a profound appreciation for this classic combo. 
  • We loved the classiness of Burgundy, and the modern elegance of Rose Gold, and decided to keep them in the lineup with some minor color tweaks. Dark Green was a strong candidate, but three was the magic number for colors. 
  • We loved all plate materials for different looks and typing feels, and even added Polycarbonate as an extra option for the official run. 
  • Copper logo badge didn't really stand out, so it won't be offered. Brass badge will be the default config for the Silver board, while Polished Steel will be one for Burgundy and Rose Gold. Polycarbonate badge will be available as an extra option for purchase, as the Mechlovin' PCBs do support RGB logo shine-through. 
  • With regards to the backplate and the toblerone, we didn't love the brushed finish in general. It does look very nice, but we felt the pattern was a bit too distracting. We really liked the Polished Steel toblerone, but made a very hard decision of leaving it out, because it's susceptible to micro-scratches, and we want this board to be one that is used daily. In the end, we found anodized silver backplate and sandblasted steel toblerone worked universally well on all colors, and were therefore chosen for the official run. 
  • Brass weight for Silver; and Copper for Burgundy and Rose Gold. All make sense. 

All of these lead us to the most recent updates. Our collaboration partners at Mechlovin' joined us on a factory tour to QC the boards, and upon hand-checking each and every unit ourselves, we were very pleased with the overall quality and consistency. All in all, a great trip where we deepened friendships, explored new opportunities and widened our perspectives.

Overall, here's where we are now:

  • All keyboard parts are finished, QC'ed and subject to assembly. 
  • Carry cases shipped to factory, ready for packing. 
  • Mechlovin' PCBs (solder and hot-swap) finished and QC'ed. 

The boards will be made available through in-stock raffles, which are scheduled for late August/ early September. We're reserving some information on design elements for the last minute, and hope you will be pleasantly surprised. For now, if you haven't already, please join GSK and Mechlovin' Discord servers for further future updates.