By Kurt Le

GSK x Hungerwork Collaboration

I have been in the artisan keycap landscape for so long, and certainly long enough to understand the most gratifying part of all this is being able to actively engage in and make meaningful contributions to this unique community. People used to tell me I was an outlier, which was probably a nice way of saying "outcast", and maybe they had a point. With that said, there's always a niche for everyone, and I'm glad I found mine in this little realm of resin. 

That personal experience sort of kindled my curiosity about fellow makers. What are their backstories? How did they come to making artisan keycaps? What are their thought processes and philosophies when it comes to designing a sculpt? This led me to getting in touch with numerous artisan makers over the years, both local and international. I immensely enjoy these professional, and at times, personal exchanges. There's always an intriguing idea to be shared, a valuable lesson to be learnt, or just an interesting thought to be contemplated. And sometimes, it goes a little further than that. and I came in contact a while ago, and had been mutual admirers from afar for a long time. I am particularly fascinated by his Hunger sculpt , which I believe is one of the most creative and captivating designs out there on the small keycap canvas. It's not common to feel a cap come alive when you look it, but with the Hunger, you can certainly feel that, and then some! And so a gripping thought came to me: what if we were to collaborate and combine some of our best works to create something truly unique?

 There was always only one candidate up for this collab project. Our Unicorn, on one hand, blends in perfectly with the Hunger in terms of form and contour; and on the other hand, boasts contrasting style and personality, which we both agree would make for a very interesting outcome. The first ever Hungercorn, following months of work, will be named Hyperfusion, which is of course inspired by the legendary keyset colorway. I think it's an apt name and theme for this debut sale, and will set the tone for this project going forward as we take turns in casting and offering the cap through raffles.