By The Lone Penman

Breaking The Cycle: How Community Support Is Making A Difference

It is unfortunate that many people still struggle with various forms of adversity on a daily basis, and therefore find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of hardship. However, with suitable resources and support, they can step up to break this cycle and head towards betterment. That's what we have been striving for, and we aren't doing it alone. 

With the help of our strong and generous community, we have been able to provide much needed financial support to charitable causes over the years. Over the past year, we have found ourselves in a fruitful partnership with some fantastic people of Blue Dragon Children Foundation, who are doing great work in helping individuals and families across Vietnam overcome adversity and improve their lives. Blue Dragon keeps us regularly posted on how our community-driven donations are allocated, and these little updates never cease to brighten our days. 

The funding from our May 2022 project continues to be put into good use on Blue Dragon's "Back to School" and "Safe and Sound" programs. Education and essential services form the foundation for a brighter future and a fulfilling life. Aside from helping underprivileged students stay in school, the donation was also utilized for the purchase and provision of essential items that help children overcome brutally cold winter in the far north of Vietnam. 

The hugely successful 2022 Christmas Vickery auction raised $4,000, which is being used for supporting children and survivors of human trafficking at Blue Dragon. The donation has translated into: 

  • 47 street kids receiving warm and healthy meals for a week 
  • 67 children being able to stay in school for a month
  • 34 survivors of human trafficking having a safe place to stay after spending years in slavery 

The fight against human trafficking is an enduring one, and it begins with identifying people at risk of falling victim to this crime and providing them with knowledge and sustainable livelihood. May is a single mother of five, who had to get married at the age of 16 through outdated ethnic traditions. She was struggling with extreme poverty, and would have been the perfect target of human trafficking schemes. That was until her story reached the local the Anti-Trafficking Board (ATB), consisting of villagers, police officers, youth leaders and member of the local government groups under training provided by Blue Dragon. Blue Dragon is helping May's and other 14 families in her commune by covering their children's tuition and emergency living expenses, while providing training and guidance so they can achieve financial independence in the long run.

It is these wonderful stories that concrete our determination in furthering GSK's charitable body of work. We are deeply thankful for the generosity and support of our community, and are resolute in our commitment to pay it forward by assisting others in need. With united efforts, we will together make a positive and lasting impact to the lives of individuals facing challenges and beyond.