By The Lone Penman

The Automaton Evolution

At GSK, we have people coming from different backgrounds. Many are classically trained artists, while others simply bumped into artisan making and fell in love with it. Regardless of where we come from, we all believe that our works of art, first and foremost, are about life. And what is life, without evolution? 

Creating a new sculpt is one thing, seeing whether it's fit to make the cut into our lineup is another. In fact, we shelf a lot of new sculpts, despite them looking great on their own, simply because we don't feel a strong enough synergy between them and our existing roster. With all this in mind, along with our continual research on new ideas, we constantly contemplate possible paths of evolution for our existing sculpts and breathe new life into them, so we can all appreciate these familiar characters from a fresh angle. 

That's exactly what we did with the Anatomy roster, a line of work we are extremely proud of. More importantly, it's a huge community favorite, which encourages us to get out there and continue to evolve. After months of research, sculpting and adjustment, we are delighted to introduce our latest work: The Automaton Quadruple. 


Guess the question now is, why automaton, and not something else? Well, the short answer is, because it feels right, so right. Automaton, by definition, is a machine that performs a function, in many cases in imitation of a human being, according to a predetermined set of coded instructions.

In the modern era when technology plays a predominant role in virtually every part of life, the relationship between the livings and machines has reached an unprecedentedly complex level, with the line between these sides being increasingly blurred. This new Automaton lineup draws a great deal of inspiration from that context. 

The creation of this new lineup is also a celebration of the enduring appeal of machines and the endless possibilities they are able to offer for creative expression. The imagery of automaton presents a unique canvas for us as artists, allowing us to push our creative boundaries and explore new possibilities when it comes to manual sculpting and casting. Automata are supposed to be lifeless machines, but there is so much more underneath that we're determined to bring to life. Whether we succeeded or not, that is for you to decide.