By The Lone Penman

The Kitsune Prelude

Last April, we launched the GSK MYOC (Make Your Own Cap) initiative, which aimed at taking our community engagement efforts to a whole new level. The premise is simple: gather community input which serves as basis for user-generated keycap ideas and sketches, then select the most outstanding one and bring it to life through a manual sculpting process. It's a collaborative effort that ensures the design is representative of our community's creativity. 

After reviewing the ideas and sketches submitted by our community, we engaged in thorough discussion and debate to arrive at the perfect choice. Ultimately, we were drawn to the rich mythos of Kitsune, the mythical fox from Japanese folklore. Its captivating legend and morally sophisticated nature provided the perfect canvas for us to unleash our creative energies and add layers to the sculpt.


And so, we dug deep. The details of the fox's appearance and its enigmatic expression lent themselves perfectly to the intricate craftsmanship that we're all about. Also, the mythological and cultural significance of Kitsune inspired us to dive deeper into the story behind the character, and to capture the essence of the fox's personality and imbue our sculpt with its mystique and allure. By incorporating all these elements, we aimed to create a design that would not only be visually striking but also representative of the GSK hand-sculpting style that you know and love. 

Here we are, almost a year later, with the final work of art that we're extremely proud of. A lot of efforts, arguments and as a result, revisions were thrown into the mix for this satisfying end result. It's not just about reaching the finishing line, but also about the journey itself, and the lessons learned along the way, which are plenty. For now, follow our Discord server to learn more about what we're doing next with the sculpt and of course, prepare for MYOC Season 2!